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 Design Your Embroidery Below - You can choose Text, an Image or Both. For designs with both Text and an Image, the text will appear below the image unless otherwise requested in the Special Instructions.

Embroidery Style (select below)
To go on which of your bags? (select below)
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Text - If you want to include text, enter the details below.
 < Nature of Text
 < Select Text Font Style
Please make sure to spell out any name or text in your chosen font (see all Fonts & Letters here) to make sure you are happy with the overall look.
 < Select Text Color
Also please check that the color of your text (including any text that is part of an image) will contrast, to your liking, against the color of your bag. (see all text colors here)
 < Type Your Text Here
(For Monograms, type text in the sequence First Name Initial - Last Name Initial - Middle Name Initial. The Last Name Initial will be larger than the other two)
Image - If you want to include an embroidered image, enter the details below.
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Special Instructions (if any, type below)
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Custom Embroidery Gallery

Please review your embroidery order details for accuracy. If we need any clarification, we will contact you via Email. ATTENTION:  Please allow up to 7 days of additional time for custom embroidery.  Let us know if you need it sooner and we will try to expedite your order.

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 Embroidery Style Options

Embroidery will be centered in the middle to top half
of the middle section
of one side of your bag.
1) Name or Text Alone
2)  Monogram
Name or text should be 12 letters or less. 
Font will be sized such that the name or text
will be 4 to 5 inches in length. Name may include an accent underneath to enhance the overall look.
CLICK HERE for Details of All Letters
Monograms are in the format of
          "FIRST/ LAST/ MIDDLE"   Initials.
The Last Name Initial will be approx. 2 inches tall.
* When combined with images, monograms may be scaled down in size to fit inside the 5.5 inch diameter embroidery loop.

3)  Initials

4)  Love _______
Initials are in the format of
          "FIRST/ MIDDLE/ LAST"   Initials.
Initials will be approx. 2 inches tall.
* When combined with images, initials may be scaled down in size to fit inside the 5.5 inch diameter embroidery loop.
You fill in the blank and pick the font and color!
Names or words must be 10 letters or less.  Height will be 2 1/4 inches. Font will be sized such that the entire image will be no greater than 4 inches in length.
Options - Indicate in Special Instructions:
1)  Different heart color
2)  Add an "I" in upper left corner

5)  Image Alone

6)  Image + Text
See Image Options below. Name or other text will appear underneath image unless otherwise requested.  Text will be sized as necessary to fit inside the embroidery hoop.

 Embroidered Text Thread Color Options

Colors may vary slightly due to variations in computer monitors.


 Embroidered Image Options

Colors may vary slightly due to computer screen color variations.
If Image is combined with Name or Word, Image will appear above Name or Word unless otherwise noted. Other images available by request.

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Please use our Contact Form to request an image theme
that you don't see here and we'll see if we can find something you like
(subject to copyright restrictions).
Feel free to send us a photo or diagram and we will try to match it
or find a similar alternative.

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