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We will Email you a Gift Certificate (pdf file) for
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To redeem, your recipient will simply fill out the form
below and click "Redeem".  We will need the Gift
Certificate Number & your Purchasing Email Address
(No credit card number required).  We will confirm all
of their selections & details via Email and send them
their new Kyss Bag as quickly as possible!


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With or Without Custom Embroidery
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Kyss Bag Gift Certificate Options
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you can enter it below.

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Redeem Your Kyss Bag Gift Certificate Here
Please fill in the form below and click "Redeem". We will send you a return Email to confirm your selections.
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The Description, with or without embroidery, is shown on your gift certificate. 

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For all other countries, please provide additional
shipping address, postal code and country information
in the Special Instructions.

Kyss Bag Selections
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Lock Combo 1st Number:
Lock Combo 2nd Number:
Lock Combo 3rd Number:

Embroidery Selections
If included in your Gift Certificate.  Or embroidery can be purchased separately and added to any bag for $12.95.
Nature of Text:
(Type Monograms in actual order:  1st Name - Last Name - Middle Name Initials)
Text Font:
Text Thread Color:
Image Name:
Image File Number:
Special Instructions:


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